• Yard Signs

    We are pleased to offer you our 4mm Coroplast Yard Signs, a versatile and durable signage solution for your needs. These signs are single-sided, but they can be easily converted into double-sided signs to maximize visibility and impact.

    Our 4mm Coroplast material is known for its lightweight yet sturdy construction, making it perfect for outdoor applications. It is resistant to various weather conditions, ensuring that your signs remain intact and readable in rain or shine.

    While the signs are initially designed to be single-sided, you have the option to upgrade them to double-sided by adding a second layer of printed Coroplast. This process involves sandwiching two signs together with an additional layer in between, resulting in a sign that can be viewed from both sides. This feature is ideal for situations where you want your message to be visible from multiple directions, increasing its effectiveness.

    With our 4mm Coroplast Yard Signs, you have the flexibility to choose between single-sided or double-sided options based on your specific requirements. We ensure high-quality printing and materials, so you can confidently display your message to a wider audience.


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